Managing Pre-Existing Conditions in Personal Injury Claims: Advice from the Greenville Firm of David W. Martin Law Group 

The attorneys at the David W. Martin Law Group are aware that the inclusion of pre-existing medical issues in personal injury lawsuits can make them more complicated. It is crucial to comprehend the potential effects of your pre-existing condition on your claim if you were harmed in Greenville, South Carolina, and have been injured. This blog article will discuss the effects of pre-existing conditions on personal injury lawsuits and offer advice on how to handle these circumstances.

Personal Injury Claims

Knowing What Pre-Existing Conditions Are:

Any health problem or injury that existed prior to the accident or occurrence that resulted in your current injury is referred to as a pre-existing condition. These ailments might be anything from long-term diseases like diabetes or arthritis to past traumas like concussions or back problems.

Effect on Claims for Personal Injury:

Pre-existing conditions can make things more difficult when filing a personal injury claim in Greenville in a few different ways:

Causation: Insurance companies can contend that your pre-existing ailment caused your current injury rather than the accident.

Severity: Defendants may contend that the severity of your injuries was caused in part by your pre-existing medical condition, which might lower the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Treatment: It may be challenging to assess the full amount of damages that are directly related to the accident because defendants may argue that your pre-existing condition necessitates continued care.

How Your Claim Should Handle Pre-Existing Conditions:

Complete Disclosure: From the beginning, be open and truthful with your lawyer about any pre-existing medical conditions. Withholding this information could compromise your claim in the future.

Medical Records: Please submit thorough medical records attesting to your pre-existing conditions and the ways in which the accident has affected them. This might assist in creating a precise timeline of your injuries and medical interventions.

Expert Testimony: To show how the accident increased or worsened your pre-existing condition, your attorney may consult with medical specialists.

Proximate Cause: Regardless of any pre-existing issues, highlight how the accident immediately caused or made your injuries worse. In order to establish liability, proximate cause must be established.

Collaborate with your attorney to precisely estimate damages, accounting for the accident’s effect on any new injuries you may have received as well as any influence on your pre-existing conditions.

Speak with an Attorney with Experience:

Understanding South Carolina’s laws and legal precedents is essential while navigating a personal injury claim involving pre-existing conditions. Our skilled personal injury lawyers at the David W. Martin Law Group have a proven track record of resolving challenging situations involving pre-existing conditions. We’ll put in endless effort to defend your rights and seek the settlement you are due in Greenville.

Pre-existing conditions may not automatically bar you from pursuing compensation for your injuries, even if they may provide difficulties in personal injury cases. You still have the option to get compensation for your losses if you have proper legal counsel and a well-thought-out plan. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a consultation if you have any questions or concerns about how your pre-existing condition can have an impact on your Greenville personal injury claim. We are available to support you at every turn.


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